About us

MPI TalkLing is the blog of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen on which our researchers talk about all aspects of language sciences.

Language concerns all of us. Language allows us to form thoughts and ideas. It enables us to communicate, socialize and connect with others. Language always surrounds us. It is such an important aspect in our lives, and such an important characteristic of the human species, that it is impossible to imagine our current, modern society without humans having ever evolved sophisticated language abilities.
As scientists and as blog writers we are passionate about language research. We want to know how we use, understand and learn language, what the differences are between the languages in the world, how these differences come about, how language shapes our behaviour and thoughts, whether languages are uniquely human or also found in animals, how language is wired in our brain and genome, how the environment shapes our language and much, much more.

Let yourself be carried away by our enthusiasm.
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