Caitlin Decuyper

Caitlin is a Research Assistant and PhD student at the MPI's Psychology of Language department. She is fascinated by how people multi-task when they use language and looks at how we comprehend our interlocutor's utterances while we plan our own speech in dialogue.

As part of her BA in English and Dutch Linguistics and Literature at Ghent University, she studied in Nijmegen as an Erasmus student for a couple of months and decided to stay. After graduating from the MA in General Linguistics at Radboud University, she started working at the MPI.

When she is out of office, Caitlin likes cooking (and eating, preferably in good company), sports (bouldering, running, swimming, and any kind of dance workout), travelling, going to festivals and concerts, singing, playing the piano, reading, and watching movies at LUX. You can also frequently find her outside for long walks in nature (being in the forest, mountains, or at the seaside makes her happy).