Eva Poort

Eva is co-editor-in-chief of Editing of the MPI TalkLing blog.
Eva Poort is a post-doctoral researcher at the Neurobiology of Language department at the MPI. She did her bachelor’s degree at University College Utrecht (part of Utrecht University), where she studied linguistics, psychology and cognitive neuroscience. She followed this up with a master’s degree in Speech, Language and Cognition at UCL in London, where she also did her PhD. She wrote her PhD on the topic of bilingualism: how do bilinguals process words that exist in both of the languages they speak, like “wolf” and “angel”? Her research at the MPI focuses on conceptual knowledge in people born blind. Specifically, she is interested in finding out how people born blind use language to learn about the things they can’t see, such as colours. And last but not least, Eva is also passionate about Open Science.

When she’s not at work, Eva likes to cook, knit, embroider and sew. From making her own stock and puff pastry, to knitting jumpers, embroidering handkerchiefs or sewing a pair of trousers, she likes to know how things are made and marvels at the effort that went into them. And what better way to experience that than to make something yourself? And then eat, use or wear it with pride? When she’s not busy making something, she likes to go for a run or a long hike and when it’s time to really relax, she likes to do so with a good book. (Ironically, she doesn’t actually like the TV programme "How It’s Made?")