Inge Pasman

Inge has been working at the MPI since January 2019 as a student assistent in the Psychology of Language department. She assists researchers in the department where necessary, for example with conducting experiments with participants, processing data (transcribing, annotating, coding) and recording speech that will be used in experiments. Inge has a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and right now she’s finishing her master’s in General Linguistics at Radboud University. Her master’s thesis is about the influence of musical experience on the degree to which someone has a foreign accent in a second language. In addition, she focused a lot on child language acquisition and foreign language acquisition during her education.

Besides working and studying, Inge fills her free time with ballroom dancing, (making/listening to) music, photography, and organizing and coordinating activities at various (study)associations.
From January 2021, Inge will be an alumna of the MPI.